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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is formed with two or more sheets of glass joined with a translucent or transparent polyvinyl butyral sheet to form a reinforced safety glass resistant to breakage.

Laminated glass is used for shop windows, bath screens, table glass, windows, etc.

At Cristalería de Barcelona we have all standard laminated glass in stock, and we can manufacture any laminated glass you need.

Transparent laminated glass

  •   Laminated Glass 2+2mm
  •   Laminated Glass 3+3mm
  •   Laminated Glass 4+4mm
  •   Laminated Glass 5+5mm
  •   Laminated Glass 6+6mm
  •   Laminated Glass 8+8mm
  •   Laminated Glass 10+10mm

Matte laminated glass

  •   Matte laminated glass 2+2mm
  •   Matte laminated glass 3+3mm
  •   Matte laminated glass 4+4mm
  •   Matte laminated glass 5+5mm
  •   Matte laminated glass 6+6mm
  •   Matte laminated glass 8+8mm
  •   Matte laminated glass 10+10mm

Special laminated glass

  •   Laminated Glass 6+6+6mm Anti-theft
  •   Laminated Glass 2.5+10+2.5mm Bulletproof
  •   Laminated Glass PS9
  •   Laminated Glass PS13

Coloured laminated glass

We have an extensive catalogue with transparent, translucent and opaque coloured laminated glass.