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Glass enclosures

Glass enclosures are ideal to expand, and at the same time, differentiate rooms both in houses and in businesses. The great advantage of a glazing is being able to enjoy a space 365 days a year. Unlike other types of enclosures, a glazed enclosure provides us with thermal, acoustic and weather insulation without giving up the views. Allowing us to play with the properties of glass and adapt it to our needs. An excellent option to create open-plan offices, expand restaurants or even take advantage of balconies, terraces and porches all year round.

Using glass closures we get a great entrance of natural light, which allows us to create a more pleasant atmosphere at home or attract more clients. Contrary to what you might think, glass curtains are very secure and shock resistant closures. In addition, by installing folding enclosures we will always have the option of being able to open or close the space.

At La Cristalería de Barcelona we are specialists in manufacturing custom glass enclosures. By making any type of glass ourselves, we guarantee a high quality product tailored to your needs. Always offering our clients the lowest prices on glass enclosures and an excellent product and service.

We manufacture all types of glass enclosures:

  • Terrace enclosures
  • Integral or partial glass enclosures
  • Glass curtain
  • Folding enclosures
  • Porch enclosures
  • Enclosures without profiles
  • Glass walls Glass entrances
  • Office partitions Shop windows

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